Story of a girl & a kitty...

Mr. Magoo the Cat was found living under a deck in Coquitlam B.C. with his mom and litter mates.  He was brought into Westwood Heights Pet Hospital with his litter mates for physical exam.  When I first saw Magoo it was obvious that he was very special (and adorable).  His little tongue was sticking out and he only weighed 14oz.  During physical exam we found his lower jaw is off to one side, which causes his tongue to stick out, and his skull is slightly deformed but otherwise healthy. We discovered quickly that he could only eat canned food because he is unable to open his mouth.  So, as any Registered Veterinary Technician would do, I decided right then and there I had to keep him.  I brought him home with me that night and was so in love, I had truly met my furry little soul mate.

As Mr. Magoo got older his condition did not get better and we wanted to see if it was possible to make him more comfortable.  I scheduled an appointment at West Coast Dental Specialists with Dr. Legendre.  He suggested we break his jaw to see if we could get movement, elongate his soft palate to help with his breathing and take some of his lower teeth out so they do not affected his upper gums, but because of his condition we called in Nancy Brock to preform the anesthetic during the procedure.  I dropped him off for surgery a few weeks later and got a call in the afternoon that they were unable to preform the procedure. Dr. Legendre explained they could not open his mouth so they were unable to intubate him to deliver the anesthetic to keep him asleep for the procedure.  

Some of you may wonder if Mr. Magoo is neutered.  The answer is yes! Dr. Ochotsky from Westwood Heights Pet Hospital was able to injected a local anesthetic into his man hood and neuter him while he was wide awake. He did amazing! 

Mr. Magoo is now 2 years old and is loving life.  He loves cuddles on the couch, stealing dog and human food, jumping on counters, sneak attacks on his Pomeranian brothers and so much more, he is truly living life to the fullest. Even though he has this disability, it never seems to slow him down.  When I first met Magoo I thought that he needed me, but in reality I was the one who needed him, he has changed my life forever.