My human and I are wanting to become better bloggers and to keep our followers posted with more insight on our day to day lives, and what better way too start off by answering some of my followers most frequently asked questions.

Does his tongue ever get dry?: Yes, it does.  Since his tongue hangs out of his mouth 24/7, the very tip of his tongue will go black and get dry. All I have to do to treat this is add more water to his diet and that seems to do the trick.

What does he eat?: Magoo can only eat canned food (it doesn't stop him from trying to eat kibble though) 

How much does he weigh?: I try and keep him above 6lbs but his last weigh in he was 5lbs 15oz. 

Is Magoo an outdoor cat?: No, absolutely not! All of my cats are strictly indoor, there are too many dangers outside and I would never forgive myself if I let them out and something happened to them. Another reason Magoo will never go outside (besides sun tanning on the deck with adult supervision) he cannot properly defend himself against other animals. 

Is he cuddly?: Yes! He is the biggest cuddle bug, I've never met such a cuddly cat. He LOVES to sleep under the covers with his head on the pillow all cuddled up in my arms. He sometimes likes to use my face as the pillow :). 

How did Magoo come into your life?: I am a Registered Vet Tech at an animal hospital called Westwood Heights Pet Hospital located in Coquitlam B.C. A mama cat and a litter of kittens were found living under someones deck in Port Coquitlam. Luckily they were brought into my work to get health checks before they went to the shelter and that's when I saw him. I instantly fell in love with all 14oz of him. I took him home with me that night.   

Does he drool?: YES, all the time. I'm constantly cleaning the walls in my house, he seems to leave a trail of drool (Magoo Goo) where ever he goes. I also have to have another bed sheet on top of the spare bedroom bed, if I don't there will be drool marks all over the duvet cover.  

I love answering all of your questions, we love our followers so much! If you have any more questions and want to know more about Magoo just message us on Instagram or Facebook!

We love you guys!!

Mr. Magoo the Cat (and his human)